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Clinical Nutritionist Supplement & Script Consultations


We are pleased to welcome the wonderful Meagan to Greensmith Grocers Birtinya!

Meagan is a Masters qualified Clinical Nutritionist (BHsC NutDMed & MHumNut) and is currently undertaking her thesis focusing on postpartum depression in mothers.

Meagan has been in private clinical practice for over 3 years and part of the health food industry for nearly 7 years. She has had extensive experience working with health conditions including thyroid & gut health, healthy ageing and cardiovascular health. 

In particular, Meagan holds a keen interest in maternal and women's health. She is passionate about supporting mothers thrive during motherhood by creating achievable maintainable and nourishing treatment plans, individually tailored to the mother. She also regularly supports little ones with food allergies, introducing solids and navigating behavioural and gut issues that can be common in early childhood. 

Meagan will be in-store and practicing on Mondays starting Feb, 13 2023 from 11-3pm. 

Services offered: 

- 1:1 holistic nutrition consultations (adult) - $190 for 1 hour 

- 1:1 holistic nutrition consultations (infant & early childhood) - $145 for 40 mins

- Supplement & script consultations - $80 for 30 mins 

- Functional Pathology Referrals (Food Intolerance Testing, Gut Microbiome mapping & DUTCH test). Price dependent on test, please email for more details.

Meagan also offers a 10% discount on your first consultation.