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Sclerology & Iridology - Sunshine Coast - Greensmith Grocers

Sclerology & Iridology - Sunshine Coast

What do the eyes tell you? 

If you were lucky enough to receive a complimentary Sclerology & Iridology consult from Vicki at our last Market Night, you will know the answer is A LOT.

We are grateful to have the talented Vicki Murray now offering sessions in our new consult room at Greensmith Grocers.

Vicki is Australia’s first certified Grand Medicine Sclerologist, and the ONLY qualified GM teacher of this science in the whole country.


Sclerology is the science and art of observing the markings and colourings in the whites of the eyes as signs of compromised health.

The sclera lines change quickly to coincide with changes in the body, and can show disease, where it is, and the level of severity.

Sclerology is thought to have been practiced as far back as 3000 years in Ancient China, and also has a long history with the Native Americans.

Many of our team members at GG have now had a consult with Vicki, and let us tell you that her sessions are incredibly comprehensive!

Your consult will include:

- Full digital photography of the iris and scleras
- Comprehensive documented nutritional assessment
- Current health status of systems
- Study of the organs and genetic predispositions   

You can book in for a session with Vicki here.