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Meet Melanie Smith - Consulting Naturopathic Nutritionist - Greensmith Grocers

Meet Melanie Smith - Consulting Naturopathic Nutritionist

Introducing Melanie Smith Greensmith Grocer's new consulting naturopathic nutritionist - you can book your consultation here.

Hello I’m Melanie and I am a consulting naturopathic nutritionist of 8 years, and a natural health practitioner for 20 years. With a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, I understand that nutrition and healthy eating habits are foundational to good health and mind-body wellbeing. What I love to do most is to encourage and educate people to include more healthy foods within their eating style, to eat with pleasure and to have a healthy relationship with food.

My mantra is that food can be both healthy and delicious, and absolutely should be. 

There is sometimes a lack of knowledge around the beautiful array of foods on the market today, how they can assist health, and how to use them to create tasty meals and snacks. Together, we can look at practical ways you can improve your health through the addition of these health-reviving foods, while we balance your energy intake and also address any nutrient deficiencies we can identify.

I look forward to working with you along your health journey, to explore how we can use more wholefoods and real foods in your everyday eating, to heal, nourish and support your health.

Melanie will be working at Greensmith Grocers Birtinya on Wednesday, book your appointment here.